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The Complete Survivor Training Course

Our Flagship Course Has Arrived!

“You are not designed to survive in nature. You’re designed to THRIVE here!”


Woodstock, NY


TBD (Mid-to-Late 2021)


5 Days



Course Information

Resilience. Self Reliance. The upper limit of human capability. What can we achieve when we unite the primitive with the modern?

A whole new Animal. A Complete Survivor.

In trying times, we learn very quickly that most things are beyond our control. Once we are without the illusion that we have the world at our fingertips, it suddenly looms far larger and more threatening.

But it doesn’t have to.

In our day, a survivalist skillset is considered highly specialized. Yet in a day that isn’t so far in our past, it was a skillset shared by each and every one of our ancestors, one that was relied upon every day just to have a chance to see tomorrow.

The Complete Survivor Course is here to show you that those skills are not your dream. They are your inheritance as a modern human.

Join us for an immersive and comprehensive five days of wilderness training and experience, one that begins with you finding yourself in the worst case scenario of wilderness survival. From there, prepare to work your way back from the primitive to the modern survivalist.

Along the way you will experience and navigate the temperate rainforest of New York State. Your classroom will be the waterfalls you rappel, the canyons you drop into, and the summits you stand upon.

Our aim is not a wilderness experience. Our aim is to send you home with the confidence that you are not designed to survive here.

You are designed to thrive.

What about the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Currently, we are moving forward with our courses in hopes that the pandemic has subsided and normal travel has resumed. In the unlikely event that COVID-19 forces postponement, we will run contingency dates for September. Embrace the Animal will monitor the situation and keep you consistently up to date with any changes.

Why should I learn these skills from Embrace the Animal?

We have been hired to teach, consult on, and supply our survival and wilderness expertise in every environment all across the world. Along that journey, we have worked for everyone from private client groups to major networks, including NBC, Discovery, NatGeo, Netflix, and more.

The Complete Survivor Course is the summary of years of honed skills, designed from start to finish to not just expose you to these skills, but rather to equip you with them.

Want to see a little bit of us in action? Check out some of our latest E.T.A. episodes here!

What if I’m not in good enough shape?

A certain level of fitness is important, as we will be living in the field for the entirety of the course. It will include hiking with a pack of approximately 30 pounds, canyoneering, and rappelling.

That said, don’t be discouraged! We have successfully guided a wide range of ages and abilities through challenging experiences like this, and you can help us.

If you’re feeling unprepared, your best bet is to simply begin hiking with a pack. Over time, gradually increase the weight of your pack, and the distance and incline you cover.

Upon signing up, you’ll have access to the ETA team, who can happily answer your questions leading up to the course!

I have no experience whatsoever, will I be ok?

You don’t need any experience coming in. You’ll have the skills when you leave!

What about bears?

This always seems to be one of our most popular concerns. Yes, there are plenty of black bears in the mountains where the course is held. However, we will be a large, fire building, noise-making group, which they want nothing to do with. The odds of us seeing one are extremely slim.

Furthermore, you will learn to apply all the proper precautions in minimizing encounters, and handling them safely in the rare event that you come across one someday!

I have some type of pre-existing physical or medical condition, can I still take the course?

We will do everything within our abilities to accommodate you. Shoot us a message and let us know your concerns, and we’ll see what we can do!

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Our cancellation and refund policy is as follows. We offer the following refunds if we are:

Notified 121 days or more before your course date: loss of 30% of the course value

Notified 120-45 days before your course date: loss of 50% of the course value

Notified 45-0 days before your course date: loss of full funds paid

Do I need insurance?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance, which should include cover against the cost of cancellation by you, any personal effects, and assistance (including repatriation) in the event of an accident or illness.

Will I need to sign any paperwork?

Yes, it is mandatory that all participants FULLY complete all forms provided by Embrace the Animal, including a Waiver of Liability. Under no circumstances may a participant take part in any Embrace the Animal Course without first completing all forms. This will be sent to you after signup.

Our course dates are still to be determined. Sign up for our email list below and we’ll keep you notified!

Provided Gear

  • Practice Knife x2
  • Bow Drill Kit
  • Paracord
  • Water Bottle
  • Sawyer Mini-Filter

Recommended Gear

  • NO COTTON! Synthetic or Wool Only!
  • Synthetic Base Layer (Top and Bottom)
  • Wool or Synthetic Socks x3
  • Hiking Pants x2
  • Techwick or Synthetic T Shirts x 2
  • Fleece
  • Rain Shell (Top and Bottom)
  • Down Coat (Optional, Recommended if Cold Easily)
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap or Sunhat
  • Buff or Bandanna
  • Beanie
  • Light Gloves
  • Pair Hiking Boots
  • Pair Trail Sneakers or Camp Shoes (Crocs, Sandals)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant

Interested, but not sure? Send us your questions or concerns, and we’ll let you know why we’re confident that this is the course to help you overcome them!

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We're not meant to survive the wild... We're meant to thrive there.

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